6 Vulnerabilities With Office 365 and How to Protect Yourself Against Them

Microsoft Office 365 does include native security and backup functionality that provides greater protection than businesses have been used to with their on-premises deployments. However, they fall short of providing complete protection and peace of mind.

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Research states that by 2018, 40% of Office 365 environments will rely on third-party tools to provide the required level of security, and by 2020 this number will increase to 50%.

The vulnerability areas we recommend you consider addressing with third party solutions are:

Ransomware is the biggest threat affecting organisations today. It encrypts and holds files “hostage” until the ransom is paid – creating massive disruption to the affected business;

Malware and infection threats are a continual hazard that businesses need to protect themselves against. The important aspect of any endpoint security solution is to ensure your environment is protected before the exploits arrive;

If you are sending sensitive information over untrusted networks, such as the internet, you are at risk of having your information intercepted by eavesdroppers – putting your business at risk;

Back Up and Disaster Recovery
Any system downtime is business-disruptive so it’s important your environment can be fully restored in the shortest possible time - it’s also important that the accidental deletion of important files can be quickly undone. Third party tools that complement Office 365 are highly recommended to provide the level of compliance and cover demanded by businesses and their employees;

Cloud-based Email Archiving solutions need to be able to meet the most demanding information management needs. Office 365 falls short in this area however there are third party tools able to provide the required level of service;

To ensure your Office 365 environment and business users are always protected from the latest threats you need a third party secure web gateway which enables ease-of-use web filtering, SSL scanning, reporting, and protection against malware and data loss;

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