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Trusted cloud-based solutions

AWS Cloud can help you get your applications up and running faster, while providing the same level of security that organisations like Pfizer, Intuit and the US Navy rely on. AWS also provides resources around the world, so you can deploy solutions wherever your customers are located.

With a broad set of services, partners and support options easily available, you can ensure that you can focus on what will make your solution a success.


Cloud Native

Build agile, intelligent applications that take full advantage of the cost and flexibility benefits of cloud computing.



Continue to realise value from your existing on-premise infrastructure while extending your capabilities with the Cloud.



When needed, make use of resource isolation options to satisfy business and regulatory requirements.

Increase the potential of your cloud

Migrating to the public cloud can transform your business — but only if you get it right. With Bytes at your side, you can gain the full benefits and avoid the common pitfalls.

We'll help you to move applications and workloads confidently and with your eyes open — because you'll see exactly what you own, what it costs and how to get the greatest value for your business, today and tomorrow.

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Crowe UK fight fraud with pioneering Bytes AWS solution

Top accountancy firm Crowe UK had a client needing to detect fraud in large amounts of data. A complex analytics tool called IBM i2 Analyst's Workbook was required for the project and it needed to be deployed in the cloud as Crowe's team worked remotely.

In what was a trailblazing project, Bytes AWS got the tool setup quickly, securely and effectively. Read this case study to see how they did it.

Case study

You get more with Bytes


Advice based on your goals


Predictive cost analysis


Tailored best fit solutions


Single tier support


Intuitive portal


Immediate cost savings

Accelerate with our AWS services

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AWS Optimisation Services

With Bytes AWS Optimisation Services, you can gain full visibility and control over the public cloud — using services that typically fund themselves and deliver a significant return on investment.

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AWS Spot Instances Managed Services

Allow your business to go the extra mile and really optimise your workloads - without losing the uptime SLAs traditionally experienced when using Amazon’s Spot EC2 Instances.

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AWS VMware Cloud Enablement Services

Thinking about extending your on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud? We can help with the deployment process and give you the maximum value out of your investment. 

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