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Is this you? Or your Organisation?

  • Have you started deploying Office 365?
  • Looking to fully exploit the benefits of the Office 365 stack?
  • Want to deliver Enterprise grade solutions to your organisation, at lower cost levels?
  • Facing email migration challenges?
  • Looking to implement value driven Intranets?

Facing any of these challenges, then BSS can help you;

  • Understand what you’re looking to achieve
  • Assist in selecting the correct tools to complement your Office365 investment
  • Drive a higher ROI for Office365
  • Deliver faster deployments for go to markets
  • Ensure that your organisation complete projects more quickly, professionally and with greater impact

What’s the solution?

Office365 Migration Services

Let Bytes assist in implementing Office365 into your organisation. We can deliver package services that can either complement your existing IT function or provide a fully-fledged project based roll-out plan for your migrations. Bytes specialise in the delivery of painless, well manged processes to ensure that the move to 365 is as seamless as possible whilst ensuring little impact on your organisations productivity.

In addition to migrations, BSS work with a number of partners, selected directly by Microsoft that add value to your Office 365, CRM, SharePoint and Skype deployments.

Bytes are able to offer a full complimentary suit of migration, productivity and applications to ease management and add value. Below are a number of examples;


If SharePoint is not managed correctly or even implemented correctly it will turn from the most amasing application to a complete nightmare. In the last 6 months we have seen a change in how SharePoint has been implemented from a traditional consultancy methodology to productisation. The traditional Consultancy method is expensive and very time consuming. While with the productisation route, you know what you are going to get and the time of implementation has gone from Months to weeks.
At Bytes we have looked/researched the most popular SharePoint Products on the market today and can make the right recommendation for you.


LiveTiles is a product that sits on top of Office 365 and enables non-technical users to create beautiful interfaces through to their corporate data in just minutes and hours, rather than weeks and months (which are timelines commonly experienced with professional services projects). LiveTiles has the following benefits and costs just $1 per user per month;

  1. Drag and drop LiveTiles Apps to create an engaging solution with a design canvas as easy to use as PowerPoint
  2. Provide consistent user experiences across all device formats (including mobile) with content relevant to the end user
  3. Make the most of Yammer, OneDrive and Skype for Business delivered through a SharePoint Online “single pane of glass”
  4. Increase end user adoption and reduce training times by building solutions that your colleagues already know how to use with the Modern UI


Unily is an Intranet as a Service platform, and the game-changing brainchild of BrightStarr. The vast majority of our customers want 80% of the same functionality, with beautiful branding and exceptional user experiences. They also want their solution up and running fast. Unily delivers on all these fronts and more.

Unily utilizes the very best of Microsoft enterprise technology, including Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer and Azure to deliver a seamless single intranet experience for your users. The combination of Unily's comprehensive platform features and continued customer success model ensures that you are empowering your staff and achieving maximum return on investment.


FLEX is a game changing technology which uses automation and best practise blueprints to help organisations exploit their Office 365 or SharePoint investment at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manual services.
FLEX fundamentally changes the rules about how to achieve Office 365 and SharePoint mass adoption by removing the need for staff training and radically simplifying how applications can be used via an app-store model.

Branch Out - Believe in Bytes

Our dedicated small business team...

Can provide services from single day to full engagement offerings to assist with the migration of Office365. We would be happy to discuss the different migration paths for your email migration and offer the right solution that fits you...

  • We can help you deliver your company’s requirements.
  • Help you make the right choices of which Office 365 plans would benefit you
  • Help with an implementation and deployment strategy
  • Flexible Training for your all your stake holders
  • Helping you decided on the best SharePoint solution for you
  • Provide webinar and provide face to face demos
  • Provide the tools to see if you are cloud ready?
  • Provide tools that make sure you are getting ROI on Office 365
  • We have a cloud specialist team to help you make the right choices both for short and long term strategies

Next steps

We have a specialist team focused on SMB and mid-market clients looking for full or partial assistance with their journey to deliver Office 365.

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