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While Office 365 offers many great benefits to your business, when it comes to email archiving it lacks the functionality and security that you will require, for example:

  • Redundancy is an issue as Office 365 stores multiple copies of messages but they reside within the same environment creating a single-point-of-failure
  • Compliance and eDiscovery capabilities are limited
  • Migrating and managing legacy email data archives are limited and insufficient

What is required is a cloud-based archiving solution that provides effective storage and management of all email, file, and IM conversations, together with a rich user experience

This is where the CloudFlex archiving solution comes in.

Powered by one of the world’s leading archiving vendors, the solution will enable you and your business users to:

  • Find any email sent or received within seconds – improving productivity and minimising the time required to respond to compliance, eDiscovery and litigation requests
  • Centralise and simplify control, security and governance of data retention policies
  • Improve email security with three encrypted copies of each email stored in separate locations
  • Reduce costs by avoiding the need to buy expensive hardware and software

Our office 365 archiving will not only save you time and money, it will also streamline your processes so you can concentrate on growing your business. If you are considering archiving your Office 365 email, contact us today.

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