Archive & Migration

Migration can be an uncomfortable journey of delays, unplanned expenditure and the tying up of valuable resources.

If poorly planned, migration compromises the speed of transformation and can fail to preserve the chain-of custody that’s so critical to regulatory compliance. Trusted and proven in highly regulated sectors, we ensure predictability, certainty and secure data.

Bytes can help your organisation:

  • Maintain chain-of-custody
  • Move to the cloud
  • By providing various Archive & Migration Health Checks
  • With a pilot migration
  • Plan your Archive or Migration Project
  • With a complete managed migration

Where are you today and what we recommend next…

Currently not Archiving
- Moving your data to either cost effective on-premise storage or storing it in the cloud can provide big costs savings compared to storing data on expensive hardware

Moving from on-premise Office to Office 365
- We are seeing a large uptake of cloud archiving products. Not only does this increase the ability of E-Discovery using a dedicated tool but also provides continuity of your cloud applications. O365 is an outstanding product but we have seen downtime across all regions. If email is critical to your business then we would recommend having a second cloud alongside O365 so that if it does go down, your business doesn't.

Have an on premise archive and are moving to 0ffice 365
- There are a number of reasons why you would move to a cloud archive. The process on migrating that data is far from simple. This is something to consider when making decisions and we would always recommend bringing in a specialist migration partner to help you through this process.

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