Benefits of AWS for the Finance and Insurance Sector

We can help your organisation on its journey to the cloud


Whether your business is in the Finance or Insurance sector, Bytes AWS have got you covered.

AWS are designed to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. AWS have more services, features, functionality, and the most proven operational experience, at scale, than any other cloud provider.

AWS will help you manage your data securely, and ensure compliance across your whole IT infrastructure. Whilst all this is happening, Bytes will be here by your side, the whole way.

Migration assessments are fully funded, and we will assist with securing this financial assistance. Should you then proceed, we will look to secure you further funding for the actual migration – it may even be possible for the full cost to be covered!


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How Bytes Can Help

Financial & Insurance organisationare facing multiple challenges as a result of their rapidly evolving technology and regulatory environment:


  • An expanding talent gap which is driving up the price of expert labour


  • Managing data securely & downtime while adopting new technologies


  • Ensuring Compliance across the entire hybrid IT infrastructure


  • Maintaining governance alongside innovation initiatives

Bytes are here to assist in any way that we can. To overcome common challenges, here are some examples of what we can do for your business:


  • Where there are skill gaps, our 24/7 managed service and AWS partner-led enterprise support services can help you in the long term
  • Bytes will help you reduce downtime and increase data security by breaking down the migration into manageable stages
  • With our governance and compliance credentials, we can show you ways of implementing better operational practices to manage your cloud environment and reduce risk.​​​​​​
  • We will communicate regularly, keeping you informed about where we are in the process and discussing any adjustments - we are ready to adapt and resolve any affected elements of the migration as needed



Build cloud environments that can scale fast

as your business grows


Modernise your existing technology platforms

to reduce costs and improve performance


Ensure compliance, ease governance & mitigate risk

with ready-to-use AWS solutions


Focus on the day-to-day

let Bytes take care of the heavy lifting


Take advantage of funding

Bytes will apply on your behalf

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Not only are we looking forward to having Bytes AWS as our chosen development team for our future roadmap, I wouldn’t hesitate and have already recommended the team to many of my clients and contacts.”

Natalia Pawlak, Chief Digital Officer at TFSN

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