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The way we work is Changing

So are today’s cyber-attacks. In the current work environment, it is more likely that your organisation will be targeted by email attacks including phishing and domain spoofing. More than 90% of targeted attacks reach victims through email and phishing attacks have risen 667% since Feb 2020.

The first step to protecting your organisation from these threats is finding out exactly where you are vulnerable. Bytes’ range of email security assessments will provide that visibility - so you can secure your organisation and people against the latest forms of attacks.

We offer a variety of FREE Assessments

Email Threat Risk Assessment

Understand your current attack exposure and receive expert guidance on strengthening your email defences.

Bytes Email Threat Assessment is a quick, painless way to gain full visibility of how your current email protection solutions are dealing with new and emerging threats, both on premises and in the cloud.

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Email Compromise Assessment

Email fraud/business email compromise is costing companies billions.

Attackers are adept at targeting employees, customers & partners using your brand or domain to exfiltrate money or data. Fight back against the fraudsters. Bytes Email Fraud Assessment will show you exactly how your domain/customers are being exploited right now and the steps you should take now and next to address this.

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Phishing Susceptibility Assessment

It has never been more vital to empower people to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks.

Target your security awareness efforts in the right places with Bytes Phishing Susceptibility Assessment. It pinpoints those most likely to be exploited by phishing & fraud and provides you with concrete advice and tailored tools to best equip those high risk individuals to protect themselves (and your data).

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What you can Expect

  • Quick & Easy

    Setup can be done remotely with minimal internal resource required

  • Support

    Committed expert engineers are here to help throughout

  • Remediation steps

    Guidance provided on how best focus your resources, minimising your risk

  • Immediately applicable

    Uses real data and known attacks from the wild to test your people

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