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Consume at scale, securely

Microsoft Sentinel is a scalable, cloud native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. Microsoft Sentinel enables organisations to securely consume data at cloud scale, whilst monitoring threats. Microsoft Sentinel brings together optimised threat analytics and intelligence to ensure rapid detection and response.

We believe that customers should utilise Sentinel, primarily in Microsoft Cloud Environments, where several services are enabled. Sentinel enables users to view and assess suspicious activity within the Microsoft Cloud stack from a single location.


Bytes help you utilise your Sentinel

To facilitate our belief, Bytes offer a workshop which aims to configure Microsoft Sentinel for your Microsoft Cloud Environment. The workshop provides a tailored introduction to Sentinel, where you’ll gain visibility of its analysis and threat detection capabilities. The workshop is a 2-hour engagement and is free of charge to Bytes Customers. As a workshop outcome, Bytes will configure Sentinel to your Microsoft Cloud Services – instantly activating insight and threat alert capabilities.

Focusing on 4 key points to get you up and running and familiar with Sentinel


Intro to Sentinel

Bytes consultants will provide an overview of Sentinel and its capability. What to expect: Data
Collection, Detection, investigation and Response.


Onboarding to Sentinel

Bytes consultants will walk you through the setup and configuration of Sentinel to begin collecting logs and data from your enabled Microsoft Cloud Services.

Run through.png

Walkthrough of Sentinel

Once your data is ingested, Bytes consultants will walk through the Sentinel portal to show you insights based on your environment.

Next Steps & Capabilities.png

Bytes Capabilities & Next Steps

The final part of the session will be to assess and recommend next steps. Connecting Microsoft Cloud data sources is only the first step in the Sentinel Journey.

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What does the onboarding include

Depending on your Microsoft Licensing and Cloud utilisation, Bytes will determine which services we can ingest into Sentinel. 

Bytes consultants will engage with you prior to the session to ascertain the services in use and which data sources should be ingested as part of this session.

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