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The digitization of the global economy is advancing. It requires interaction and data exchange between digital consumers and digital producers within distributed environments, at the Digital Edge.

Businesses are distributing their digital services to the edge, closer to users to better drive digital opportunity and growth where population centres, commerce and business ecosystems meet and interact in real-time. Where the digital and physical worlds meet and come together to exchange information and services across multi-cloud and multi-partner environments.

Bytes & Equinix Platform

The benefits of distributed data architects


Better Experiences

Latency is reduced by storing and processing data closer to users


More Value

Organisations are better placed to monetise data and collaborate with partners


Easier Compliance

Each data asset can be stored in a location that is locally compliant


Reduced Costs

By reducing the volumes of data transiting private networks


Less Risk

Security control points in regional hubs and robust disaster recovery


Greater Innovation

Take advantage of innovative approaches such as distributed analytics and cloud-based AI systems

Why Bytes Cloud Connectivity Platform

Built for scale

Connect to all your cloud and IT service providers over a software defined switching fabric through a single portal

Minimise security threats

By-pass the public Internet to privately connect to your cloud providers and digital ecosystems

More control

Determine how and where connections occur, with flexible bandwidth options

Global availability

25+ markets and a repeatable architecture for customised deployments

Reliable performance

Connect directly to your digital ecosystems for improved app performance and a reliable end user experience

Increased agility

Quickly deploy, connect and scale IT resources on demand to any Bytes Cloud Connectivity Platform participant, including your own infrastructure

Transformation in five steps


Network Optimisation


Hybrid Multicloud


Distributed Security


Distributed Data


Application Exchanges


Bytes cloud expertise

Bytes is a leading Cloud First software consultancy.  We supply multiple cloud platforms and help you deploy your digital infrastructure in the locations you need to reach. Together, with Equinix, we connect you to all the cloud platforms and services you need to drive your digital future forward with proven improved performance, increased bandwidth, reduced costs.


Equinix global platform

As a vendor neutral platform, Equinix is home to a rich ecosystems of clouds and enterprises across many sectors. On Platform Equinix®, you can connect physically and virtually to more than 1,800 networks, 2,900 cloud and IT service providers and 9,700 enterprises.

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