Achieve Results by Communicating with Your Customers

Is this you? Or your Organisation?

  • How can we improve customer service and gain customer loyalty?
  • We need to increase Sales Productivity, how do we do this?
  • Can we create more sales ready leads and manage them in a better way?
  • How can we integrate social marketing to our benefit?
  • We need to bring Sales and Marketing closer together...

What's the solution?

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions energize and empower customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration. Technology plays an important role and enables individuals to drive their vision while also helping organisations to manage their end-to-end business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps you better service current customers and win new ones by providing a complete set of tools and information for customer-facing teams within your organisation. Build more loyal and profitable customer relationships through better customer intelligence and personalised experiences. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online works together with Office 365 to help your teams delight customers and grow the business.

Do Great Things

Microsoft Dynamics will help deliver:

Account & opportunity management

  • CRM for Outlook
  • Guided business process
  • Comprehensive view

Collaborative selling and customer care

  • Business-wide social access
  • Communication tools
  • Marketing collaboration

Mobile access

  • Tablet and phone solutions
  • Voice commands
  • Analytics

Business analytics

  • Embedded dashboards
  • Interactive reports
  • Advanced analytics

Business planning & management

  • External insights
  • Internal insights
  • Sales process management

Branch Out - Believe in Bytes

Whether a full project, a quick start, or specific services for support or training, Bytes provides everything you need to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM deliver results for your requirements.

Step 1 – Tell us the business results you want from your CRM solution

  • Consider (and prioritise) the outcomes you need from a new CRM system
  • Better account management with more revenue from existing clients
  • More new business revenue with clearer forecasting and sales team measurement
  • Improved contact management, stakeholder management and client insight
  • Reduced errors, slippage or wastage through inefficient processes
  • Better marketing efficiency and lead management
  • Stronger client retention, service level management and contract renewals
  • Tighter control and reporting to help your decision-making

Step 2 – Tell us your current status (systems in place, staff readiness and process maturity)

  • Some clients just want the out-of-the-box features because they recognise that they need to establish some level of consistency and rigour in their customer and prospect management.
  • Other clients have a reasonably mature business process but acknowledge that a CRM system will enhance this to provide more efficiency, client insight and productivity.
  • Some clients have much more complex needs, sometimes in multiple countries, with multiple integration points, and are looking for a project that may span a number of phases.

Step 3 – ConsultCRM will guide you along an appropriate implementation path

When we understand your current status and goals, ConsultCRM will guide you along the right implementation path to suit your needs:

  • Fast-Track Set-Up - an implementation with the out-of the box features only.
  • Standard Implementation Service - taking the standard features with acknowledged best practice configurations and matching these to your required business result.
  • Tailored Consulting Service - a tailored CRM project spanning analysis / design / configuration / data migration / system integration / training and support.

Next steps

We have a specialist team focused on SMB and mid-market clients looking for full or partial assistance with their journey to the Microsoft cloud.

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