Symantec & Veritas Compliance

Licensing Audits are on their way

In 2015, Symantec and Veritas split into two separate organisations and shortly after both announced that for the first time, they will officially be auditing their customers. Both Symantec and Veritas have stated that they plan to audit each and every customer of theirs within 3 years, but have not said who will be selected and when - but somewhere down the line it will happen.

Bytes can ensure you are compliant

With the largest SAM practice in the UK, Bytes can help your business ensure that you are compliant with your Veritas and Symantec licenses. We can work closely with the necessary members of your business to provide correct tools and scripts which will provide accurate usage outputs. Once we have these outputs, we can cross-reference your deployed license count against the licences you own to give you an effective ELP.

Our FREE Service

We are offering a FREE service to help ensure all your licenses are compliant for the auditing process. For more information please contact us via the enquiry button and we’ll happily talk you through the next steps.

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