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With Bytes Cyber Consulting, you can act where it counts, protecting your business and your customers from genuine risks in the most effective way. Our consultants will guide you through the smoke and noise of the marketplace.

We’ll help you to spot security threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses, whilst finding practical answers and solutions that may lead to greater opportunities in cost reduction or revenue generation.

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Align security and the business through Cyber Resilience


What are your risks and their impact?

Assess the security risks & vulnerabilities that your company faces, as well as how easy it would be to compromise your organisation and what outcome that would bring.


Are you already compromised?

Through a combination of threat hunting, compromise assessments & threat intelligence sources, you can understand what has already been compromised.


How do you compare?

ISF Security Healthchecks allow you to assess the maturity of your security capability. Combine this with benchmarking to see where you over/underspend on security.


What should you do now and next?

Evidence-based planning of information, technical & cyber security controls (people, process & technology) that close gaps, reduce the attack surface & future proof your business. 

Our Top Services

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Minimise the window of opportunity for attacks, guard against systemic failings and identify simple errors that widen your vulnerability

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Our forensic consultants can quickly hunt, detect and respond to advanced cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities at scale inside your organisation

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Find out how secure you are and how you measure up against your peers, providing actionable strategy to prioritise budget and security focus

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Whether you’re looking to improve your basic security, or be part of the government supply chain, Cyber Essentials is well worth considering

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Our consultants use aligned frameworks, risk management & standardised control sets so you can better adapt to change, resist damage and recover quicker

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Bytes cover standard information & cyber security services across Audit & Advisory, Strategy, Assurance Testing & Digital Forensics & Incident Management

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