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Bytes Cloud Services offer customers the ability to quickly spin up and utilise AWS resources for their backup and recovery needs in one easy templated solution. The DataShield solution was developed for customers wanting to quickly backup their critical data into AWS Native or using one of our partner technologies.

Working with AWS and our Partners, Veeam, Rubrik & Veritas we have developed a solution to allow customers with very little to no knowledge of AWS to spin up AWS storage at a low cost but with a high degree of resiliency and security.

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Solutions That Fit Your Business Needs

Our Architects will carry out an audit of your requirements and recommend the solution that best fits your needs. The following aspects will be covered with any solution we deploy depending on your businesses experience with AWS:

  • Create a new VPC (this is your private space in AWS Cloud)
  • Define public and private subnets, internet gateway, route tables, security groups and other networking configuration needed in AWS cloud
  • Create base golden image (AMI - Amazon Machine Image) for your virtual machines/ backup appliance in AWS

  • Provision S3 buckets that will store your backups and assets that you need in the cloud 
  • Apply any necessary permission, encryption, versioning, storage class, monitoring and alerts
  • Setup “Object Locking” mechanism depending on the business security requirements on your s3 bucket. Customers use S3 Object Lock to store objects using a write-once-read-many (WORM) model

AWS is designed to deliver on a customer promise of 99.999999999% durability

AWS-Powered Backup


Scale IT resource on-demand

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Store backups with 11 9's of durability


Operate with global-scale security

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Run ML and analytics on backup data

Want to find out more about DataShield Storage Solutions?

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