Enterprise Flash Storage

There is a huge rise in the amount of data you have to store today which is difficult on just disc that are already struggling to run your business critical applications.

Managing your data in this way ultimately loses money for your business as it begins to run at a pace slower than the competition.

We can help simplify your storage...

Gone are the days to create LUN’s, aggregates, RAID and work out where applications should reside. Modern storage platforms reduce the complexity and overhead needed to manage and maintain storage.

...and gain performance

Are you looking to gain performance but reduce datacentre costs? We can take away the headaches associated with predicting performance for workloads and reduce your racks of spinning disks to just a small U footprint in the datacentre.

It’s time to implement Flash Storage…

  • when your applications are starting to under-perform
  • when the cost of licensing becomes too expensive
  • when the use of Spinning Disk adds too much complexity or takes up too much rack space

By moving to Flash your business can achieve:

  • Faster time to market
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Enterprise grade data management
  • Superior flexibility
  • High application performance
  • Reduced power consumption

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