IBM ILMT Service Option

Cost-effective licensing for IBM

By licensing only the activated cores within a virtual environment, significant cost savings are possible. In order to take advantage of this, you're required to use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to measure and report against the Processor Value Units (PVU's) and Resource Value Units (RVUs) being consumed by IBM products. 

Whether you want to take advantage of sub-capacity licensing, or are concerned that you may not be following the sub-capacity terms and conditions - Bytes can provide you with the right services to assist.

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Common challenges...

  • IBM requires that you must have Passport Advantage and deploy either ILMT or Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed in order to qualify for a sub-capacity licence
  • Failure to maintain quarterly reports from ILMT can result in IBM enforcing full capacity licensing calculations and commencing a compliance audit
  • The most powerful server with the highest PVU metric must be used when licensing full-capacity products on servers with a cluster
  • Customers must review and maintain the configuration of their estate within ILMT
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Find out if you're eligible

To use sub-capacity licensing, customers must: 

  • Use eligible sub-capacity products
  • Use qualified virtualisation technologies
  • Use appropriate processor technologies
  • Use a permitted license metric tool e.g. ILMT

Bytes can help you achieve significant savings through the effective management of your IBM agreements - all whilst ensuring that you remain compliant. 

Bytes Service Components

Agreement Reviews

Review of the IBM contracts, terms and licensing metrics in place to ensure you are on the best commercial terms for your organisations use of the IBM Software

ILMT Installation & Configuration

Review of your IBM estate and correct installation of ILMT tool and agents to ensure all parts of your estate are being correctly reported

ILMT & Sub-Capacity Licensing Management

Ongoing review of the ILMT tool - optimising licensing obligations and ensuring quarterly reports are correctly produced and signed off

IBM Software Compliance Analysis

Preparation of your IBM license compliance position and assistance with any emerging remediation and resolutions

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