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If you need to protect your intellectual property, financial data or personal records, it is essential you have an effective encryption solution in place.

Office 365 includes some encryption functionality which allows you and your business users to send encrypted Outlook messages, however it is not right for everyone as decrypting the messages can be difficult for recipients.

That’s where the CloudFlex encryption solutions can help give your users and their contacts a much smoother experience.

Our Office 365 encryption solutions are powered by one of the world’s leading encryption vendors and enables your business to:

  • Simplify the encryption process
  • Meet your compliance policies by enabling secure messages to be subjected to anti-malware and data leak prevention
  • Improve security by removing the ability of administrators to access the information within a message

In addition to user-generated messages, the CloudFlex offering enables Administrators to set gateway policies that automatically encrypt Office 365 messages that meet certain conditions, such as Outlook emails that are sent to certain recipients or domains, or messages that contain specific text.

This ability to tailor your office 365 email encryption is not only important for your business, it also ensures that you customers can rely on the safety of your emails.

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