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Right Actions

Taking the right action to mitigate against network issues is much easier when you have proactive alerting and visibility of how your network is performing and the threats affecting your network, both now and in the future.

Organisations are turning to Bytes for Network Monitoring as a service to ensure they have the alerting and monitoring they need of their infrastructure, without the high internal costs of staffing and training a Network Operations Centre in-house.

Managed Network Monitoring Datasheet

What is Bytes Network Monitoring?

Bytes Network Monitoring is an intelligent alerting service which predicts and prevents firewall issues, drastically reduces system downtime and its associated business costs. It acts as an actionable early warning system on security performance, to keep your infrastructures running optimally.

Bytes Network Monitoring is an intelligent managed network alerting service which gives benefits such as:

  • Maximise Uptime & firewall performance
  • Receive early warning of issues to prevent outages
  • Reduce fault resolution times
  • Spots abnormal patterns over time
  • Aid capacity planning for business growth
  • Zero CAPEX or training cost

How Bytes Managed NOC Works


Automated Alerting


Parameters measured


Alerts backed by human analysis


A wide variety of key firewall & systems KPIs


‘Normal’ KPI behaviour is learned

A Monitoring Service with More Bytes

The Bytes Network Monitoring Service combines both human insights and analysis, and tailored network KPI activity tracking to the standard up/down system alerts.

Why Bytes Network Monitoring?

Find Incidents Before They Happen

From 16+ years of support calls, Bytes have gathered significant IP on the predicators of network outages. From this knowledge our engineers created the bespoke Bytes NOC alerting system which monitors networks for those early indicators as well as outages. This notifies IT teams of potential issues before they happen.

Bespoke KPIs As Standard

With Bytes you pay the cost of out of the box standard automated outage reporting BUT receive the added benefit of tailored and bespoke firewall KPI tracking - and expert engineers analysing alerts in our global SOC. Bytes Managed NOC includes a team of accredited experts providing context behind the noise and value behind alerts.

More than just machines

Alerts are backed by human analysis on issue-cause & resolution from Bytes expert engineers. They sanity check alerts, initiate contact with IT teams to provide advice and information to help customers find the right resolution to the problem. Customers work with real information, not raw machine data.

To speak to a Bytes Security Specialist about Managed Network Monitoring Call us on 0330 058 5622 or email us at [email protected]

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