For expert advice on how best to protect Microsoft Office 365 against ransomware contact us today.
Ransomware has become the number one threat facing businesses today.

Every day cyber criminals are hacking into businesses, illegally encrypting their data, and holding the company hostage until the ransom is paid. This type of cybercrime is on the rise and an ever increasing amount of money is being paid over to the criminals.

This is where the CloudFlex Office 365 anti-ransomware solution comes in.

Powered by one of the world’s leading security vendors, the CloudFlex offering stops ransomware attacks in their tracks by continually monitoring every server and endpoint - detecting and stopping ransomware from encrypting your information.

The CloudFlex anti-ransomware solution:

  • Stops email threats
  • Prevents web threats
  • Protects your servers

For expert advice on how best to protect your Microsoft Office 365 environment against ransomware contact us today.

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