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Share and collaborate

SharePoint enables you and your team to share and collaborate easily and efficiently on team sites: 

  • Save files directly to SharePoint to access anytime, anywhere
  • Collaborate with team members by co-authoring on files in SharePoint, with the ability to add comments, annotations and highlight content
  • Share within your organisation across team sites or intranet sites, or outside of your organisation 
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Accessibility and flexibility

Build portals and sites with SharePoint to give your organisation a refreshed sense of connectivity. Provide your employees with a place where they can gain access to expert knowledge, content, insights, resources and applications. 

With the SharePoint mobile app, you can get secure access to sites, files, data and applications at all times. Therefore you can stay up-to-date when you're out of the office, read and publish news on the go, and collaborate and share whenever necessary. 

Key benefits


Automate repetitive tasks and processess


Accelerate productivity


Collect, share and interact with data


Refine your searches

Improve the way you search with SharePoint's built in powerful and intelligent enterprise search capabilities: 

  • Easily view frequently visited sites 
  • Easy access to recently viewed / edited files
  • Type-ahead and smart results feature
  • Personalised results 
  • Search for sensitive content 
  • Support ediscovery and compliance

Microsoft Teams

From directly within Microsoft Teams you can gain access to SharePoint files, make adjusments and changes to SharePoint lists as well as viewing the different activities on them, and access SharePoint home pages without ever having to go across tabs or leave the Teams app. 

Using the news tab in Microsoft Teams you can share and highlight all of the news that your team have been publishing on SharePoint. Turn on SharePoint news connector to automatically start a conversation about SharePoint news in Teams. 

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