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Businesses everywhere are using Microsoft Office 365. Bytes alone has sold over 1,500,000 Office 365 licenses.

And there are no signs of a slowdown, indeed, forecasters are predicting that within the next six months, 78% of all enterprises will be using or buying Office 365 – that will be a 600% increase compared with a similar study conducted in 2014.

There are many benefits of moving to Office 365:

  • Purchasing flexibility – you can choose the product pack and payment scheme that’s right for your business;
  • Accessibility - Office 365 is always on – whenever you’re working, it’s working;
  • Collaboration - collaborating with people inside and outside of your business has never been easier. Co-author documents and share ideas faster.

In addition to the business, commercial and functional benefits of Office 365, there are also the benefits it provides to internal IT teams – such as no ongoing maintenance costs; no server costs; and no upgrades. The above advantages are why many businesses are looking to buy Microsoft Office, and incorporate it into their workflow.

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