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Transition to Cloud

Empower your people to be more productive and secure as they adapt to a new way of working with Microsoft 365. 

The Transition to Cloud two-day workshop will provide you with a concrete deployment plan, time lines, and next steps. The overall goal is to evaluate your secure work from anywhere options and envision and enable scenarios that are relevant to you. 

Use Microsoft technologies to provide meeting and collaboration experiences, secure your business and consolidate to one cost-effective solution to simplify IT management and decrease spending.

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Endpoint Management Workshop

Enable your users to be productive on any device, without compromising security. The Endpoint Management Workshop will show you how to leverage intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics and more! 

Learn how to improve your Secure Score with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, build management policies that protect your users, company, data, and devices and gain determine the best option to give your users access to all the apps they need, on the device of their choice. 

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Securing Identities Workshop

Protect user identities with Bytes. We can work with you to find identity risks happening in your environment right now. We will gain insights on your application landscape to improve your identity security posture. 

In the Securing Identities Workshop you will recieve a rating of your identity security posture, gain insights into apps used in your IT environment, understand how to prevent identities from being compromised, and learn how to reduce costs and improve business agility with simplified app access.

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Threat Protection Workshop

Improve your security posture with a strategic plan customised for your organisation.

In this workshop you will identify real threats to your cloud environment with Threat Check, understand your security goals and objectives, deliver the end-to-end Microsoft security story, showcase security scenarios with product demos and develop joint plans and next steps.

Given the volume and complexty of identities, data, appications, devices and infrastructure, it's vital to understand how secure your organisation is right now, and how to mitigate threats moving forward.

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Azure Sentinel Workshop

Azure Sentinel delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence, providing a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting and threat response. 

In the Azure Sentinel Workshop you will learn the features and benefits of Azure Sentinel, gain visibility into threats across email, identity, and data, discover how to mitigate potential threat vectors, and create a defined deployment roadmap based on your IT environment and goals.

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Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop

Recieve a customised threat and vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

In the Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop you will discover threats and vulnerabilities in your hybrid environment, learn how to mitigate threats to your servers and services, and  understand how to reduce attack surface area for hybrid workloads. 

Plus you will learn about the benefits and capabilities of Azure Defender and Azure Network security. 

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Discover Sensitive Data Workshop

As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote, or hybrid work, having an integrated approach to mitigating and controlling risks is more important than ever. Discover risks from dark data and learn how to address them. 

In this workshop you will understand the hidden compliance risks of dark data, access your organisation's dark data risks with Data Risk Check, assess your environment against the Data Protection Baseline, learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks, and more!


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Hybrid Meetings Workshop

The Hybrid Meetings Workshop is a modular engagement designed to help define your business priorities and scenarios that drive hybrid work. 

In this workshop our specialists will provide an evaluation of your current meetings and meeting room capabilities, showcase Microsoft Teams as your hybrid meeting solution, direct you on how to transform your modern meetings, and provide actionable recommenations to ensure your organisation can meet seamlessly and share information securely in a hybrid environment. 

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Teams Apps & Solutions Workshop

Are you ready to achieve more with Microsoft Teams? Our specialists will work with you to drive better business results, accelerate outcomes with ready-to-use apps, and low code solutions and enable app governance. 

In this workshop we will explore ways to meet your business goals by streamlining processes and improving productivity and collaboration, identify and prioritise key use-case scenarios and provide you with an implementation plan and next steps.

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Modernise Communications Workshop

The Modernise Communications Workshop is a modular engagement to experience the vision for Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios. 

In this workshop we can deliver: an evaluation of your current telephony and PBX need,  Demonstrate the end-to-end Microsoft Teams calling experience, direct you on how to transition various user profiles into a modern collaboration and communication environment, showcase the rich portfolio of third-oarty applications and devices that complement the Teams phone exeperience and more!

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Microsoft Teams Voice Workshop

A half-day workshop engagement designed to provide a deeper exploration of Teams Voice and it’s powerful PBX capabilities. This workshop will also provide licensing and deployment options based on your organisations needs and requirement.

Our experts will explore your organisations telephony needs and requirements, and recommend suitable calling plans, direct routing and enhanced cloud voice service options. Get advice on how to get ROI from Teams Voice and business continuity strategies. 

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Microsoft App-in-a-Day Workshop

A one-day workshop engagement that aims to provide a hands on, immersive experience empowering organisations of all types and sizes to explore how “low code/no code” Microsoft Power Platform and Power Apps provide incredible flexibility to create seamless, enterprise-grade workflows that streamline new or existing ERP systems cost-effectively.

This workshop will be hosted by QUANTIQ.

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Microsoft Dashboard-in-a-Day Workshop

A one-day Dashboard in a Day workshop engagement designed to drive usable, consumable intelligence across the organisation is on your to-do list. You’ll learn how to get started straight out-of-the-box with Power BI for Dynamics 365, and how to create intelligent dynamic dashboards that empower your team.

This workshop will be hosted by QUANTIQ.

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Azure Cloud Migration Workshop

A one-day workshop engagement that explores how to migrate workloads to Azure. Gain the knowledge and skills to migrate on-premises infrastructure such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers, running line of business applications and their associated database to Azure.

Hosted by Bytes Cloud Specialists, this session will review outcomes, next steps for deployment and further assistance.


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Azure Data Strategy Workshop

A one-day workshop to help organisations review their approach to data strategy, including how data is used, managed and stored. If your organisation is looking to start making use of the cloud then this session will allow you to identify potential quick wins and options for migration.

Focused on your business objectives, the principal aim of the workshop is to provide you with options around the challenges that you are facing today. As part of the workshop, you will learn the possible solutions and approaches to the business pains that you have identified.

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