Veritas Netbackup Power-up

Super-charge your NetBackup

NetBackup Unified Data Protection: 

  • Protect Completely 
  • Store Efficiently 
  • Recover Confidently

You'll recieve a one-to-one remote consultation with NetBackup Specisalists from Veritas and Bytes, to explore your needs and current environment. We'll then visit you to present key findings.

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You will receive


Valuable licence health-check


Backup bench-test


Optimisation hit-list


Essential contacts review


Discover an effective alternative to DIY

Looking for the perfect converged backup platform? 

Now you don't need to face the constant design and compatibility challenges and excessive cost of building a backup capability in-house. 

We'll show you the major benefits of deploying a converged backup platform and purpose-built backup device.  

What will enhance your business?

Get more from Oracle

Discover a revolutionary new 'copilot' approach to database backup and recovery that will enhance backup performance significantly and save you money. 

Transform Data Sprawl

What are you doing with your data protection copies? We'll show you how copy data management can unlock the hidden potential. 

Enhance Decision Making

Want to make smarter decisions, faster? Thanks to InfoMap technology that uses powerful metadata from the NetBackup catalogue, you can!

Bring Dark Data into the Light

We'll show you how to shine a torch into the issue so you can reduce costs, minimise risk and achieve compliance

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Maximise your ROI using training

Boosting the skills of your technical team will increase your return on investment, while certification demonstrates your capabilities. 

We'll explain the latest NetBackup training options, which include instructor-led sessions, quick-fire eLibrary modules, private tuition and training credits. 

With Bytes, you've got an expert on your side! As a Premium Partner, we hold over 75 technical and sales accrediations for Veritas.

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