Achieve your goals with VMware Horizon

Build Your Digital Workspace

Now you can give your users outstanding access to everything they need in one place — so they can work anywhere, anytime and on any device. VMware Horizon® delivers a single platform for virtual desktops, applications and online services. Its streamlined design means you can deliver, protect and manage virtual desktops (VDI) with ease.

What's more, Horizon draws on the best of the cloud and mobile, so you get simplicity and scale too. You can cut costs over traditional solutions by up to 50% and get up and running ultra fast. Bytes will show you how.

What can VMware Horizon enable you to do?


Create Single VDI & Application Platform

You can create digital workspaces on demand, transforming the way your business works


Deliver Desktops in Seconds

Now it's simpler to manage desktops and applications — and reduce storage and operational costs


Give Your Users a Richer Experience

Everyone gets quality without compromise across locations, devices, connections and media


Simplify Control & Compliance

Manage and protect resources as policies adapt dynamically to each user's environment

Deliver a single digital workspace — and an outstanding user experience

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Bytes can help you achieve your goals with VMware Horizon

Horizon is perfect for the Cloud/mobile-focused world. As a VMware Premier Partner, Bytes will show you how. Our experts make it simple for virtualized or hosted desktops and applications to be delivered to your users via one unified platform. You can manage Windows and Linux desktops and applications, while keeping costs and compliance under control. Access to RDS hosted apps, SaaS apps, packaged apps with VMware ThinApp, and virtualized apps from Citrix can all be managed centrally. The Bytes team will help you get the most value from Horizon.

  • Deliver your desktops and applications as a service
  • Boost business productivity — give every user, everything they need, on any device, at any location
  • Provide a consistently great user experience
  • Allocate resources dynamically and drive down costs
  • Save by as much as 50% over traditional solutions

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