Protect your business with VMware NSX

Network Virtualisation and Security

Are you looking to achieve greater levels of business agility, cost effectiveness and security — beyond what's achievable with physical networks? Bytes can make it happen for the software-defined datacentre (SDDC) using VMware NSX.

NSX is revolutionary, following the operational model of a virtual machine — but on a far bigger scale. Entire networks are created in software and then embedded in the hypervisor layer. As a result, environments become inherently more secure and you can provision network components in moments. The Bytes VMware team will show you how.

What can VMware NSX enable me to do?


Ramp up Security Fundamentally

You can embed security into the hypervisor: Policies follow workloads, wherever they are


Ensure Application & Data Continuity

Your company data and applications can reside anywhere and always be accessible


Automate Your Network Operations

Now you can break free from bottlenecks that blight hardware-based networks


Achieve & Prove Your Compliance

Isolate your sensitive systems simply — reducing risks and the scope of compliance

Looking for the perfect Network Virtualization and Security Platform?

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Bytes can help you reach your goals faster with VMware NSX

As a VMware Premier Partner, Bytes will show you how to maximise rewards of VMware NSX within an SDDC, where all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service.

VMware NSX comes in a choice of four packages: Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Remote Branch Office Edition. Our VMware specialists will explore the best options with you — to deliver the greatest payback in the fastest time. We'll provide expert help at every step of the way as you take full advantage of NSX.

  • Create a fundamentally more secure environment
  • Accelerate network provisioning — to just seconds
  • Avoid network bottlenecks and boost productivity
  • Enable workload mobility across datacentres
  • Boost compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC, CJIS, DISA STIG and more

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