AWS Well-Architected Review

Enhance your AWS Cloud

Bytes AWS Well-Architected Review is a consultative service designed to enhance your AWS cloud infrastructure. 

  • Step One - Evaluate your AWS cloud using the Well-Architected Tool
  • Step Two - We compile a report highlighting well-architected areas, where there's room for improvement and high risk areas that require immediate action
  • Step Three - AWS fund us to fix any high-risk issues found up to the value of $5000
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5 pillars of Well-Architected Framework








Operational excellence



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AWS Best Practice

Bytes is a certified AWS Well-Architected Partner. This means our review process is based on the Well-Architected Framework. 

You can trust our cloud architects to use only best practice methods. This will save you from the costly errors that might occur when using uncertified partner or carrying out the work yourself. 

Our architects will look for any problems related to security, reliability, performance and cost. Because they are certified, they know exactly what problems to look for and how to fix them. 


Save Time, Money & Stress

If our Architects find high risk issues with your workload in scope of the review, AWS will fund our Certified Architects to complete the remedial work undertaken up to the value of $5000.

Choosing an uncertified partner to carry out similar work will mean paying for the remedial work, and there's no guarantee that they'll use an AWS best practice approach. 

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